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echtehelden: Hey, we love your blog! Would you mind checking ours out?We are +- 30 new students from Holland, starting the first year of our theatre major experience.We post personal things, reblog theatre pictures and make our own memes and gif posts, so, how about a follow? :) 

Go check them out, guys! 

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One of the gymnasts in the Commonwealth Games did her floor routine to the song Be Italian from Nine! Thought that was pretty cool!

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Anonymous: Something from A Gentleman's guide to Love and Murder? 

As I’ve said before, I can only make posters when people specify a quote or phrase that they want (from Wicked ‘keep calm and defy gravity’). I don’t pretend to know every musical in existence and although I could look for lyrics and use them in posters, if I’m unfamiliar with the show I won’t know the tone of the phrases. Therefore, I’d probably end up putting either keep calm and panic now when it should really be the opposite.
Thanks ya

Craige Els cast as new Miss Trunchbull in Matilda - Production News - The Stage

Look out for Craige Els taking over from Alex Gaumond to play the West End’s new Miss Trunchbull! 

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