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Anonymous: Spiderman musical: Keep calm and don't fall to your death. Keep calm and never make a musical like this again 

I think you’re taking the piss my dear friend. 

Can I ask of what people thing of the current Broadway cast of Les Miserables? 

Before you all shout at me let me say something. I love Ramin Karimloo and Caissie Levy (and Early Carpenter who’s joining soon). However, when I watched their performance at this year’s Tony Awards, I thought the cast was of a very poor standard considering it’s Broadway and they expect people to pay $200 for a decent seat. 

What do you guys think? 

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Anonymous: I am upset that there are none on the Spiderman musical. 

Don’t cry young one, if you message me with a submission I will get round to making it! 

thegirlwhowaitedforthephantom: Book of Mormon please !! 

If you go onto my blog and onto my ‘pick a musical’ page, you can select any musical and see all the posters for the show you’ve chosen.
If you have already done that and want to request one that has not been done already, feel free to message me with a submission.
Have a fabulosmic day!

Earl Carpenter to Step In for Will Swenson in Les Miserables on Broadway

Earl Carpenter is set to join the Broadway production of Les Miserables taking over the role of Javert.

I personally have seen Earl Carpenter at least three times, once as The Phantom in POTO and twice in Les Miserables. Don’t fret, he’s fabulous. 

Can we take a moment to appreciate the sheer impeccable musicality of Les Miserables?

Yes. Thank you.

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♫ (heyeponine) on Twitter

Anyone love me enough to follow me on the twitts? 

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Becca (theatricalbecca)

So I made a pinterest account…I don’t know how it works…but feel free to follow me or do whatever you do on there…